Zero Hours in Shinjuku Zine

During our first buying trip in Japan, we got extremely drunk. As we roamed the streets in our intoxicated state, we stumbled into a convenience store and purchased two disposable cameras. Throughout the night, we some how managed to capture images of our adventures and explorations around the city of Shinjuku and not remembering a single thing about it the next morning. 

The images that came out of the disposable cameras serve as our only memories from that night. We don't remember how we took the photos or how we got to the locations that we went to.


"Zero Hours in Shinjuku" is a zine that we produced using these images and presented at Auckland Zinefest 2019. The following are a preview of some of the spreads in the zine. Full colour printed on 200gsm high gloss paper. Limited copies are available exclusively at our flagship store.