The Betterment Tee

The Betterment Tee is our take on the classic shop tee. The kind of piece that sports the name of your favourite shop and what they’re all about. All of our favourite shops and brands have it, from long standing retailer Union LA to streetwear mainstay Noah NY. It’s the type of piece you wear to show everyone what you like, what you do, and what you’re about. It’s a piece that shows you’re part of something bigger and when you see someone else in it, there’s a sense of recognition.


After our recent restock it made sense to share more information about how we landed on this final design. We tossed about several ideas, some super simple with just our logo and others complex and loud. In the end we reached a design that involved the phrase “For the betterment of Auckland City” and “Experience & Experiments”.


Our shop wasn’t opened to become like other stores around Auckland. Platform Store exists to show the creative potential of our city and to put us on the map, a creative hub that houses the next best thing. We wanted to become a place that sourced products you probably didn’t know about but should. A place that replicates the feelings which inspired us in Tokyo, one of the leading creative cities in the world.

We wanted our shop tee to encapsulate this and to welcome other like-minded individuals with events, experiments and experiences throughout our time here. And with that, our shop tee has been restocked and you can expect it to be available as well, all year long.