A Conceptual Retail Project

Platform Store began in 2017 over a couple of beers and wine and freshly returning from a trip to Tokyo. We never expected it to go anywhere further than just an idea in our heads being only 20 and 19 years old at the time. The next morning, we woke up with the idea still engrained in our minds: The idea of a physical space in Auckland where it’s not only product centred, but has a community and cultural focus. A space that was similar to the spaces we experienced in Tokyo being a place that brings the creative community together and offers an experience rather than just a place of selling. The first Iteration of Platform opened being titled as “A Temporary Experience”.

Our vision for this space was to create a temporary experience that embodies an essentialist lifestyle for the individual that believes in the design ethos of “less is more”. Through the curation of various products such as clothing, publications, accessories and home ware, our goal was to introduce products that are a result of minimal, functional and well-thought design. It served as an introduction into what Platform was about product wise and concept wise. This space was active for 1 week and drove a good amount of foot traffic as a destination retail store purely from our marketing on social media and word of mouth. This was when we felt that we were onto something and that we needed to continue to pursue our goal of contributing to the Auckland retail scene.



After a 1 year hiatus, Platform returned with a new conceptual temporary space titled “The Research Centre”. This was our most ambitious temporary concept and occupied two different locations in Auckland over the course of 1 month. It housed a variety of publications from around the world that cover the subjects of art, design, fashion and lifestyle that visitors can read and purchase. The purpose of The Research Centre was to give the creatives of Auckland a curated space to find inspiration and drive to further develop in any given practice. The idea of the Research Centre stemmed from our long time frustration of the lack of good printed matter available within Auckland City that seemed of an abundance in other cities around the world. The Research Centre also held weekly panel discussions with some of the leaders in the New Zealand creative industry which were free for the public to attend hosted by leading cultural website Newspread and recorded by New Territory Studio. Our guest speakers included Valentin Ozich of I Love Ugly, Ruben Bryant of Good as Gold, and Sam Stutchbury of Motion Sickness Studios. All of the recordings can be listened and watched here.



As we wrapped up The Research Centre, we knew that if we really wanted to disrupt the scene here in Auckland, we couldn’t from just yearly pop-ups alone. At the time, Cyrus was finishing up his studies at Whitecliffe and I was almost 2 years into working as a psychiatric nurse. We don’t know what it was, but something compelled us to tackle Platform full time. We were working up to our permanent store from November 2018. Cyrus graduated and I quit my job in March and we finally launched the fruition of our hard work in May 2019 in the form of our first permanent flagship with interiors created by Saint Leo and a custom LED sign created by New Territory Studio.

Thank you to everyone that has been part of this journey so far, we owe you the world.